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    For over 20 years I have had the opportunity to work with churches, schools, hotels and child care centers; in training staff, consulting on flow and design and physical environment. As well as being a classroom teacher I have managed, designed and run children's programs, holiday camps, and drop off programs. This gives me a unique insight into the needs and challenges of programmes and organisations that may have a constant flow of children and staffing that are predominately part time or voluntary.


    As a parent of 2 children, I have an invested interest in how resorts, churches, and drop off programmes operate and have developed a range or workshops and sessions that will help your organisation grow leaders and staff that will Inspire, love and nurture the children in their care. Below are some ways in which I can work with your organisation, to make it the best that it can be.


    Have a look at how I can work with you, and get in touch. I travel though-out Asia-Pacific and beyond, and look forward to building the capacity of your organisation.

  • Classroom management

    Positive, Encouraging and Exciting

    My approach to 'classroom' management is informed by best practice and the latest research; encouraging environments that are fun, active, differentiated and up-lifting. I believe that all children in your care should be believed in, supported and given an environment in which they can thrive.


    I work with teams, giving them strategies and training that helps them develop an environment that is embedded in this approach.



    Design, Flow, Create

    I believe that the physical environment is the third teacher in the room. I will support teams to create an environment that engages the children in your care; naturally surrounding them with the values and culture that you want to see embedded in their behaviour and learning. You will also learn strategies in reflecting on and considering your room design and flow; intentionally considering the affect it has on behaviour, relationships and management,

    Design Thinking

    Lets Create ideas together!

    A particular strength I have is in generating new dreams and ideas with planning teams. I encourage 'out of the box thinking' and am skilled in supporting teams to outwork those plans in practical and creative ways. You will leave these sessions inspired and equipped with ideas, lessons and themes that you and your team have full ownership of, and are excited to put in to practice.

    Skills and Techniques

    Working with kids is an amazing opportunity to be a part of a world of Joy, enthusiasm, humour and imagination.

    I love to work with teams and staff, equipping them with skills, techniques and values that will help them engage and grow the kids in your care. Learning how to use your voice effectively, how to manage different ages and ability levels at the same time or how to move and supervise groups in unpredictable environments in a positive way; these are all skills that can be easily taught and supported.

    Activities and Games training.

    The last thing you want is a boring programme that is the same as everyone else...

    By equipping your team with easy but effective games, activities and skills, we are able to develop a range of programmes that are unique to them and build on your organisations values, vision and culture. My aim is to grow leaders, that can in turn continue the training in house, and build a programme that is dynamic and growing. Every session is individualised for the organisation, and the skills, games and activities suit your unique situation, resources and budget.

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