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    These are the workshops I currently offer. These have been received well by schools and teachers, and we hope to develop more. If you are interested in ANY of the workshops, or would like to discuss your organisations needs, please CONTACT ME HERE and I'll be more than happy to collaborate with you or your organisation to best meet your needs.

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    Below are a range of recent workshops that we have offered. We are always developing new content, and would be happy to customise or create new workshops for your organisation.

    Please contact us to discuss your needs.


    Meetings and conferences

    Hamish is available for full department meetings, staff training and conference speaking. His passion and expertise is appropriate for educators in all fields, and his dynamic approach will inspire, empower and encourage all. He is relatable, authentic and communicates with clarity and creativity.


    Full day

    A full day session allows for more customisation for your context, incorporating the values, vision goals of your school or organisation.

    The artwork is explored in more depth, and in cases where a media or ‘art unit’ is introduced, participants will have the opportunity to explore every facet of the unit, from introduction, planning, ‘exploring media’, designing, creating and reflection.


    2 hour/ half day session

    In a half day session participants will get an overview of the main concepts as well as explore the media to make a small sample. The presentation is dynamic and concepts are discussed and opportunities are given to envision how to use the learning and take it further.



    Prices vary depending on the location duration of the workshop. For those in Singapore, we run workshops within Inspired Arts but can also travel to your school or center. For workshops outside of Singapore, Hamish is competitively priced and enjoys working in new schools, countries and environments.

    Communication through paint

    An essential workshop for anyone that uses paint in the classroom


    This workshop is designed to equip educators to teach how to use paint and painting techniques that are appropriate for students of all ages. (Preschool to upper primary). It teaches how to use a variety of painting techniques as well as discuss and communicate through colour and texture. We teach 8 different painting techniques using a variety of tools and strategies.


    We will investigate how to talk about artwork, texture and colour. Participants will be equipped with a range of strategies and techniques for interpreting and inferring meaning within artwork, pictures and photographs


    A Holistic approach to sculpture


    This dynamic sculpture workshop explores the important relationship between structural form and surface finishing. Participants create metallic looking sculptures from recycled materials and go through the design and planning process. In the classroom these skills can be adapted in unlimited ways for all ages and abilities. It creates a foundation for excellence in construction and sculpture by equipping teachers with understandings and skills that are easily transferable.

    Printmaking Basics

    Discover how much you love printing...


    This experience rich workshop explores the basics of Printmaking whilst incorporating cross curricular links. We will explore with mono print, foam print, Vegetable (where appropriate) and block printing. Participants will explore authentic links to the Elements and Principals of Art. This workshop can be presented to empower participants to use printmaking in mathematics teaching by representing number, patterning, geometry and symmetry with authentic links.

    Exploring Art through Music

    A great place to begin, is to begin with what you know...


    This unit is great for those that are wanting to learn a wide variety of techniques and skills. We will engage in the concepts of art and music by using a variety of visual arts medium that can be adapted for a wide range of lessons. The media will include, wax relief, dye and marker art, drawing, chalk, charcoal, mixed media, printing and painting.


    This is an excellent workshop for those teachers that want to use a range of art techniques and skills but have limited time or resources in the classroom.

    Out of the Box

    A simple cardboard box can give birth to worlds of creativity


    This highly active workshop starts with a pile of cardboard boxes and creates worlds. Participants can build mazes, cities, oceans and jungles whilst collaborating and negotiating on their ideas and creations. Prepare for your creative capacities to be grown, as you step into the imagination that you were born with. This is an excellent workshop for those that want to build their team dynamic as well as get equipped with ideas and strategies for big installation art and construction projects.

    Art and Stories

    Making response personal and Authentic


    This exciting workshop investigates how to respond to stories. We will explore multiple art styles and media together, to create beautiful Visual Arts projects with a rich and dynamic learning journey. We will explore papier mache, Air-dry ceramics, sculpture, surface finishing and painting techniques.


    The content is easy to customise and adapt and provides a great foundation for creating art that expands stories and literacy. We can adapt the content for ages from K1-12 and will utilise a range of Visual thinking/Artful thinking tools to go deeper into the thinking and learning.

    Wearable Art ​

    Designing clothes, costumes and fashion from recycled materials.


    Textiles and construction are an often neglected area in the arts. This versatile workshop breaks down the steps needed to create balanced and dynamic textile and construction units. The context is easy to adapt to a range of themes and will equip participants to sew, weave, create, build, form and sculpt fabulous creations that can be worn on runways or on your students next deep space exploration.

    A Giant's Garden. ​

    Sometimes art needs to be big!


    This Unit will not only explore visual arts through paper crafting and construction techniques, but will equip teachers with a range of dynamic ways to display the process of their students learning. We will look at turning large sheets of experiments and colour explorations in to eye catching displays and even props that will draw the greater school community into the magic that is happening inside the art room.

    Art That Moves ​

    Using movement and play to explore colour and construction


    Who can create the largest most dynamic marble run? Using recycled and found materials to create propellers, mazes, switches and pulleys; to not only create something that stays standing but moves and transforms as your audience engages with it. This workshop is suitable for teachers of K-12 and is perfect for demonstrating and discussing the Elements of Art.

    Responding to a Theme or Culture. ​

    Keeping art in the center of thematic days and events


    Often the Art Teacher is challenged with making links with cultural themes and events. This workshop is designed to equip you to create a range of art experiences that help you respond to these requests. Whether it be to create ‘French Culture Week’ or a ‘Service Learning Day’; the activities and routines that you learn will be perfect for authentic and engaging learning in the Arts. We will explore strategies to get students to collaborate, share and work in groups and teams as well as moments of individual expression.

    My Expressive Zoo ​

    Freeing teachers to free their students.


    In this workshop we will be using a wide range of painting and drawing techniques to represent how participants respond to the way animals sound or feel or behave, rather than just the way they look physically. Not only is this a big step out of the box, it empowers artists to show their creativity and personal expression without being limited by literal representation. This is a perfect workshop for teachers that need to teach across the curriculum or want to explore a range of techniques that will expand their creativity as a teacher.


    Ocean Beyond​

    Making authentic links to environmental issue


    So much of our oceans are yet unexplored. In this workshop we will explore the unimagined as we paint and print and create fantastical environments that are hidden beneath the waves. We will use a full range of mixed media materials to create dynamic sculptures of new underwater fish species. We will also explore the environmental crisis currently facing our oceans by using up-cycled plastic as the main building material in these sculptures.

    Twisted Jungle​

    Exploring form with wire and natural fibres


    Inspired by the twisted form of trees and the beauty of nature this workshop is focused on creating stunning trees and forest settings out of wire and beads. We will use charcoal to help design and engage in the shape of natural forms and then create the jungle with wire and natural materials. The stunning pieces of art that you create would be at home in either the best of galleries of the most protected of jungles. This workshop is the perfect starting place for teachers that want to explore wire sculpture and jewellery making techniques.

    Going Deeper

    Inquire, reflect, Assess and engage the process


    This workshop is perfect for all educators who want their students to take ownership of their learning and engage with reflective and thinking routines on a deeper level. By utilising a wide range of routines and strategies, Hamish equips teachers with a full toolbox of practical skills, activities and 'thinking routines' that are easy to adapt, authentic and easy to apply to your current context and classroom.

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