• Welcome to Creatively Hamish

    My attempt to share perspectives from my

    triple life as an Artist, Educator and Pastor

  • This is a Unique space.

    Since creating 'Creatively Hamish' I haven't really known what to do with it. I am an Artist, and Educator and a Pastor, and I have a voice in each of these domains. For a long time I have tried to make this my educational space, with the blog starting and stopping sporadically. Meanwhile, I have pages of unfinished blog ideas from my pastoral identify, and similarly, I often have thoughts about art making that I would love to share...

    So, in order to make this space as diverse as my life is... here is the attempt to merge it all together.


    For those of you that subscribe and visit, to learn about education or art, I hope that the perspectives grow you to be more inclusive and holistic in your thinking.


    For those of you that came looking for a Spiritual or Christian blog, I hope that the insights into the arts and education give you a new way at seeing how faith operates in contexts outside of a pew or mission field


    For those of you that are here for the art... Thank you!