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    My wife and I started Inspire Church in 2011, excited for who the church would be for and how it would take shape. All we knew is that our driving mission was to ‘Love Without an Agenda’ and to be a home for the disillusioned. What we encountered, has been more than our wildest imagination. The community that we walk beside is diverse, loving and passionate. We are a safe place for people of all identities, ethnicities and cultures, and sit in a unique position within space and time, where people can explore themes of faith and their intimacy with God within their own capacity. We co-create this community together to see something quite special and significant in the lives that have joined with us. We have Sunday services at 10:30am in Singapore, stream online and have a full library of messages on the Inspire Church website.


    Theologically we are inclusive and welcome deconstruction and curiosity around the themes of scripture and faith. I Have developed a robust foundations course; called “Ten Questions” that embraces reconstructed ideas around Faith and God and supports people irrespective of where they are on their faith journey.


    It is with hopeful optimism that I am writing this year. “Love Without Agenda” will be my first book and is a call for people, whether they self-identify as Christian or not, to consider love and action as something we are born to do, rather than a vehicle for upward mobility, outreach, church growth or success. It’s a call to see that to be human is to be loving, regardless of the outcomes, assumptions and expectations that we may hold. It is a plea to let go of agenda, and be in the moment, meeting immediate needs and bringing heaven to Earth in each breath and each heart beat.


    I would love for you to go on this writing journey with me and become a member. I’ll be sharing the writing process with you; giving you access to drafts, excerpts, resources, live meet-ups and of course, a signed copy of the final book once it has been published.

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  • As the founding CO-Senior Pastor of Inspire Church Singapore (together with my wife) I have the privilege of walking beside a faith community for 11 years and watching it grow in all dimensions. My sermons will offer unique insights into what it is to be a person of faith as well as a leader in a progressive, inclusive church setting.