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    A little about myself...

    Over the years I have worn many creative and educational hats... from a muralist, painter and storyteller to primary art teacher and department head - I now own and run an art centre in Singapore, consult for schools and sit on academic boards as a director of learning. As an experienced workshop leader and speaker I am passionate about art and learning; bringing a high level of creativity, energy and humour into my sessions....


    As a teacher I have over 12 years experience in the classroom, with the past 9 years in International schools as both a classroom teacher, visual arts specialist and most recently the head of department. In 2017 I embarked on this new journey, starting Inspired Arts and running workshops and conferences to inspire and encourage other teachers.


    'Creatively Hamish' is a place for me to share with, encourage and engage other artists and educators; collaborating on visual arts teaching, units, ideas, tips and themes. Where possible I will share examples of student work and keep you updated on workshops and events as they become available.



    Nic Plowman, Education Manager, Zart Education

    At Zart, we believe the arts is vital to the cognitive and creative development of young people, and valuing educators and their role in this process is our priority. Zart Education is firmly committed to delivering relevant, engaging and meaningful learning programs.


    The moment we became aware of the outstanding gift Hamish has for artistic and pedagogical practice we knew we needed to work with him. Collaborating on many exciting projects with Hamish has been a blast, from our annual conference to our online learning videos, Hamish has a knack for whatever he turns his hand or mind to. He is the ultimate art educator – because he loves art.


    Zart, believes in arts learning, art making and art fun, and Hamish is a perfect embodiment of this philosophy


    Hamish’s skill and enthusiasm for art and art education is an inspiration to teachers, students and artists alike; he fosters the love of art and creativity by capturing the imagination of anyone in his classroom. The value of our partnership with Hamish is immeasurable.. Zart is very proud to be associated with Hamish and all of his creative escapades!


    Nic Plowman, Education Manager, Zart Education

  • Teacher and School PD

    Workshops, staff training and professional development.


    I love being able to support and guide teachers, organisations and schools to develop their art spaces and programmes to best meet the learning needs of their students.


    I am an experienced workshop leader and speaker and bring a high level of creativity, energy and humour into sessions. I believe in encouraging people to grow their practice from their current capacity and facilitate them to take natural next steps that they can take full ownership of. By doing this, any professional learning is achievable, transferable and sustainable.

    Curriculum leaders will discover that the content is authentic and relevant to the context and immediate needs of their community and students.


    Workshops can be tailored for your school or environment and can be run at our studio space in Singapore for up to 12 participants or at your school or space. I currently run workshops in Singapore, New Zealand, China, and Australia, and am receiving invitations and bookings worldwide.


    Please visit the workshop tab to see the selection of what is available at the moment. All of these workshops are practical and can be run as half day and full day options.

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